WATCH: Wisconsin Volleyball Senior Videos

Being the voice of Badger volleyball I've been fortunate to spend a lot of time and interact with this years senior class. Both on the court and off the court these players will be missed. Check out the senior tribute videos for Lauren Carlini, Haleigh Nelson, Tori Blake and Romana Kriskova. Personally I'd like to say "thanks" for everything you've given to the program!

I'll always remember Lauren's work ethic. One of the most serious and focused athletes I've seen in any sport. Her desire to win made announcing matches more fun. What she and her teammates have done the last four years will surely be felt by Wisconsin volleyball for several years to come.  She and her family always made time to make me feel welcome and I'd like to say "thank you" for that.

Haleigh Nelson might be the best success story ever at the University of Wisconsin. Off the court she's silly and awesome to talk to, on the court she's got every shot in the book to make you pay. She went from not even knowing if she'd ever play to registering over 1,000 career kills and 500 career blocks. Haleigh you are awesome and perhaps at one point we'll get to work together on a radio broadcast or two! My daughter still often asks if I can put her hair in a "Haleigh Nelson braid." Thanks for being awesome.

I'm sure if you asked her teammates they'd say Tori was one of the kindest and hardest working teammates they've ever had.  She's battled through injuries during her career but never had a negative attitude to show for it.  I'll miss Tori's kindness. She would always have time to ask me how my family is doing and that was greatly appreciated.

Another class act from this years graduating class.  Romana is also someone who has had to battle through injuries. During her college career she also surpassed the 1,000 kill mark.  I'll miss not being able to call another "Krushkova" kill delivered by her.  Also one of the nicest players that I've got to know.

Once again thanks to the seniors for what they've done for this program. Please don't hesitate to say "hi" when I see you at the Field House in the future! 

Also one last shout out to setter Jordan Robbins who is leaving the program. Thanks to you as well for all you've done.  I still can't believe you're able to remember everyone's birthdays like that. 

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