Madison La Follette welcomes in Verona for Homecoming

It's Homecoming Week at Madison La Follette, and the Lancers can get a win closer to the playoffs if they can take down the tough Verona Wildcats.

La Follette coach Scott Swanson says that the defense has actually played pretty well in spite of a 50-6 loss last week, in which Sun Prairie got to just over 300 yards of offense and had two return scores in the victory. That effort will need to be the same or even better to keep the Lancers in it against a Verona squad that can light up the scoreboard, as evidenced by their own one-score loss to Sun Prairie in a high-scoring game two weeks ago.

You can listen to this week's game against Verona on The Big 1070 Friday at 6:45pm. Here's Coach Swanson: