Monona Grove faces La Crosse Central in Level 2 of the Playoffs

Led by one of the state's best basketball players, Johnny Davis, who is also an exceptional quarterback, La Crosse Central brings some offensive firepower to their match-up with a team also well-known for their propensity to put up points: Monona Grove.

Silver Eagles coach Brandon Beckwith is well aware of the challenge La Crosse Central brings, but believes that Monona Grove's defense has been rock-solid all year, and that if they can lean on their strength to that end, it'll give MG a chance to succeed.

Central defeated Badger South second-place finisher Oregon last week in a wild 26-23 game, and Oregon held Monona Grove to their lowest scoring total of the season, 21 points, back in week 3 (Monona Grove won 21-7).

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