Gilbert Brown Takes Drew and KB's Breath Away

We all know the 1996 Packers as Super Bowl Champions. Brett Favre, Reggie White, Leroy Butler, Gilbert Brown, and many others contributed to bringing the Lombardi Trophy back to Green Bay. On Wednesday, Gilbert Brown shed light on how much that team bonded inside and outside the locker room.

Brown says they are still incredibly close. For instance, many came back to Green Bay to honor Leroy Butler last Thursday when the Packers played the Titans. Reggie White is missing from these celebrations since passing away in 2004. However, Brown told Drew & KB that he still feels White's presence.

"Sometimes, whenever me, Santana, and Sean are standing there...I feel that Reggie is standing right there with us," said Brown.

This took Drew and KB's breath away. Listen to the clip below.

Listen to the full interview and the full show podcast at

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