Brian Kelly Leaving Should Help Notre Dame's Case For Making the Playoff

Purdue v Notre Dame

Photo: Getty Images

Wednesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington think the College Football Playoff Committee is scared of the current situation at Notre Dame and will do anything to keep them out of the playoff even though ND making a run would be the best story this season.

Brady Quinn: "It's a chaotic scenario but trust me, the College Football Playoff Committee doesn't want to be concerned with potentially a team going in without a head coach. So I'm telling you right now, even in a chaotic scenario, they're going to try and hold Notre Dame out even though they'd be deserving to go in.
Jonas Knox: "I think that's such crap man. That's the equivalent to a starting player getting injured and all of a sudden you reevaluate whether or not that team is worthy enough to get in... In fact, I think it makes this a better story. If this team who everybody feels got screwed by their head coach and left at the alter when they're trying to chase getting into a National Championship, if that team without said coach ends up making a run to go to the National Championship, I think that's a better story. Why wouldn't you want that played out?"

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