New Local Sports Show Debuts Saturday, January 21

The Big 1070 is launching a new, local sports talk show on Saturday from 10am until noon called "Big Sports Saturday" and will cover sports in Wisconsin. The show will debut on Saturday, January 21.

One of the hosts for the show will be Joel Finkelman, who records a daily podcast for The Big 1070 and 1310 WIBA's websites called "The Finklecast" and produces several games and shows on the stations. Joel also occasionally fills in as producer for the sports shows on The Big 1070.

The other host slot will feature a different personality from The Big 1070 on occasion, but more often than not will be the station's digital brand manager, Jimmie Kaska. Jimmie was the sports director for iHeartMedia in Eau Claire and hosted several radio and TV shows in his time there, and now fills in for members of the sports department when everyone else is booked.

"I want everyone to understand that Jimmie and I are a little weird, and we fully intend on having this show match that," says Joel Finkelman.

"I've never, ever hosted a serious sports show before," says Jimmie Kaska. "It looks like that streak will continue."

Big Sports Saturday will also be heard on iHeartRadio, and a regular podcast at and iTunes will also be available.