Hear It Again: BIG Sports Saturday: February 4

This week on BIG Sports Saturday, Joel and Jimmie roll through the Top Ten made-up Super Bowl prop bets. Plus, a big week and weekend in Badgers athletics, as the football program hires Jim Leonhard to be defensive coordinator, and men's hockey honors a legend, Jeff Sauer.

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Hear It Again: BIG Sports Saturday: January 28 - Thumbnail Image

Hear It Again: BIG Sports Saturday: January 28


Superb Owl predictions:
Joel: Patriots by 8
Jimmie: Falcons by 6

Gatorades Consumed During Show:
Joel: 0
Jimmie: 0

Best fake prop bet for the Super Bowl:
Joel: O/U on number of drinks the winning owner consumed during game (8.5)
Jimmie: O/U on number of "regular" fans at the Super Bowl (12)

Days missed during the work week due to illness:
Joel: 0
Jimmie: 1.5

Next week, it's a Badger Sports Saturday, with hockey and hoops both ranked and high in the Big Ten standings. Plus, high school hockey brackets are being released, and all of a sudden eSports is a Big Ten sport! Ten to noon on The Big 1070.

Hot takes below. Great googily moogily.