Hear It Again: BIG Sports Saturday: February 18

This week on BIG Sports Saturday, we asked: what's up with the Badgers (basketball team)? Plus, we take a closer look at the WIAA state girl's basketball tournament with Norbert Durst of WisSports.net and coaches Brad Pickett of Stoughton and Jeff Kind of Middleton.

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Hear It Again: BIG Sports Saturday: February 11 - Thumbnail Image

Hear It Again: BIG Sports Saturday: February 11


Best or worst dunk ideas for the NBA dunk contest - Click here to listen


How are we spending Saturday:
Joel: PARTY!
Jimmie: Calling college hoops in Oshkosh

Gatorades Consumed During Show:
Joel: 0
Jimmie: 0.5

Best or Worst Dunk Idea:
Joel: Single frontflip
Jimmie: dunk over a guy dunking over a guy

Where will Wisconsin finish in the NCAA Tournament?
Joel: Out in first two rounds
Jimmie: Sweet 16-ish

Next week, Joel is live at the Fishing Expo, while Jimmie tries to make the world's largest paperclip chain. The high school boy's basketball tournament approaches, so we'll preview that. We'll also be joined by MRN to preview the Daytona 500 and go over this year's rule changes in NASCAR. Ten to noon on The Big 1070.

Hot takes below. The sound of silence is the best bumper music ever.