Hear It Again: BIG Sports Saturday March 11

We love brackets on BIG Sports Saturday, so we talked Badgers basketball postseason, high school girl's and boy's basketball state tournaments, and Selection Sunday. Will Perdue, four-time NBA champion and Westwood One basketball analyst, joined us to look at Bubble Watch. We also hear from WisSports.net's Norbert Durst, and Madison East boy's basketball coach Mike Miota.

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What is Ted Thompson doing on free agency's opening days?

-Locking himself in his office to watch soaps
-Scouting nothing but h-backs, tight ends, and fullbacks in free agency
-Wondering if he'll win the bet where he surrounds Aaron Rodgers with compensatory picks and win multiple Super Bolwls

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Sectional Final basketball games attending, Saturday:
Joel: 0
Jimmie: 1

Gatorades consumed during show:
Joel: 0
Jimmie: 1 (8.5 lifetime)

The signing of Martellus Bennett is...
Joel: Awesome
Jimmie: A distraction

High school playing in sectional final today:
Joel: Madison Memorial
Jimmie: (neither of his high schools made it out of regionals)

Next week we will preview Badgers NCAA Tournament action and the boy's state basketball title games. Plus, Jimmie will broadcast live from a St. Patrick's Day parade float in Avoca, Wisconsin. Ten to noon on The Big 1070.

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