BIG Sports Saturday 4/15/17: #fearthedeer

Toronto will be the opponent for the Milwaukee Bucks in their first-round playoff series. How will they do? Plus, have expectations changed for the Milwaukee Brewers based on their four-game winning streak entering Saturday? And, the NFL has some issues, whether it's Eli Manning's game-used jersey stuff or the concussions lawsuit. Can you believe that it was only a generation ago the NFL marketed plays that are now fined or outright banned?

Today on the show, Joel and Jimmie made their predictions for the Bucks' playoff series, and also dove into what will make the Brewers successful down the road.

Top Ten At Ten

Crossover Athletes: Who would do best in another sport, fiction or real?

With Tony Romo a Dallas Maverick for a day, what other athletes could make the switch to another sport?

Saturday Stats

Number of times ruined the show, today:
Joel: 1
Jimmie: 0, never in a million years

Gatorades consumed during show:
Joel: 0
Jimmie: 0 (10.5 lifetime) ... water today

Predictions on the Bucks-Raptors series:
Joel: Raptors in 6
Jimmie: Raptors in 6

Saturday Night:
Joel: Gun Show
Jimmie: Easter stuff

Next week, we're a few days away from the NFL Draft. Plus, the Badgers practice Spring Game is in the books. Ten to noon on The Big 1070.

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