NLCS Preview with our Brewers Insider, Tom Haudricourt

Is the MLB rigging the series for the Dodgers? And why are other teams so upset that the Brewers aren't tipping their hand about who their starting pitcher will be? Our Brewers Insider, Tom Haudricourt, sorts it out on The Drew Olson Show.

On the latter point, opposing MLB teams are taking it as an affront of sorts that the Brewers aren't following the time-honored tradition of revealing their starting rotation ahead of the NLCS, as for the most part pitching match-ups are part of the routine for most baseball teams. The Brewers have been mixing and matching bullpen arms and starters in the late stages of the season, including the NLDS.

Here's an NLCS preview with Tom Haudricourt on Thursday's Drew Olson Show at Miller Park:

Photo: Getty Images