Jabari Parker on his return tonight: Milwaukee, Let's Ride

Today on The Players’ Tribune, Milwaukee Bucks forward Jabari Parker opens up about his recovery from his second ACL tear. In a revealing piece, Parker speaks about the frustrations, anger and doubts he overcame on his way to making his return tonight.

Full story here: https://www.theplayerstribune.com/jabari-parker-bucks/

"And now Friday is here, it’s crazy. It’s my first game back on the court in a Bucks uniform in pretty much a year, and a lot is going through my head. Milwaukee, man, I’ve missed you. I’ve missed playing ball for me. And I’ve missed playing ball for you. You know, I haven’t actually been gone. I’ve been here. But still, I’ve just missed it all, and that’s the thing with injuries, you know? The physical rehab isn’t the only thing. It’s the isolation, too — it’s the waiting. It’s the battle with yourself. After two separate injuries, and two separate rehabs, that’s kind of the hidden side of it." - Jabari Parker

Photo: Getty Images