Terry Rozier shows up to playoff game in Drew Bledsoe jersey

After a bitter first-round feud with Bucks guard Eric Bledsoe, who Terry Rozier called "Drew" in an interview, Rozier showed up to Game 1 of the second-round series against Philadelphia wearing a Drew Bledsoe jersey.

Eric Bledsoe stated in an interview early on in the series he didn't know who Terry Rozier was. The battle escalated to the point on the court that at one point fouls were called on both players after a heated exchange late in the series.

The Bucks' season ended with a Game 7 loss to Boston on Saturday. The Celtics will play the 76ers in the second round beginning Monday.

Video: ESPN

UPDATE: Rozier says he was paying homage to Drew Bledsoe, who he's never met, in a postgame interview.

Video: ESPN