Who's the biggest threat to the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference?

Milwaukee, by winning percentage entering Thursday, stands atop the Eastern Conference. Who of Toronto, Indiana, Philadelphia, and Boston poses the biggest challenge to the Bucks?

On the surface, it seems almost silly to pose it as a group of challengers to a franchise that hasn't won a first-round playoff series in forever. Yet, here we are.

  • Toronto (31-12) is up by a half-game in the East, and just beat Milwaukee in the past week. Kawhi Leonard and others figure to be formidable down the stretch
  • Indiana (27-14) has already dominated the Bucks once this season, and only sits 2.5 games back of Milwaukee in the Central Division.
  • Philadelphia (27-15) trusted the process and got Jimmy Butler via trade. Like most teams at the top of the East, the 76ers are playing well as of late.
  • Boston (25-15) figures to be the greatest contender in the East, given their coach, star power, and history (beating the Bucks in seven games last year with a depleted lineup).

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