Bucks will face Pistons, Hornets, or Magic in NBA Playoffs

Milwaukee will have three possible opponents in the first round of the NBA Playoffs: the Detroit Pistons, Charlotte Hornets, or Orlando Magic. Here's what to watch for from tonight's NBA games to see how the Bucks' first-round opponent will be determined.

You can see the full tiebreakers and methodology, as well as a grid of outcomes, at NBA.com.

Orlando Magic (Bucks 2-1 vs. Orlando this season) - The Magic have clinched a playoff spot. If the Magic defeat Charlotte, they'll be either the #6 or #7 seed and also eliminate the Hornets. If the Magic lose, and Detroit defeats New York (as well as Brooklyn defeating Miami), Orlando drops to the #8 spot and will face the Bucks.

Charlotte Hornets (Bucks 3-1 vs. Charlotte this season) - Charlotte has to win tonight and Detroit has to lose tonight in order for the Hornets to make the playoffs as the #8 seed. They are eliminated in any other scenario.

Detroit Pistons (Bucks 4-0 vs. Detroit this season) - Detroit needs to win to get in. They are eliminated with a loss and a Charlotte win tonight. If the Pistons win, they will be the #8 seed unless both Brooklyn and Charlotte win, in which case they move up to #7. If the Pistons lose and Charlotte wins, Detroit is eliminated. If the Pistons and Hornets both lose, Detroit is in as the #8 seed and will face Milwaukee.

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Milwaukee Bucks v Detroit Pistons

Milwaukee Bucks v Detroit Pistons