Giannis won't talk contract. Is that bad news for the Bucks?

Giannis Antetokounmpo says talking about any new contract is disrespectful to his teammates. Is it a bad sign for the Bucks that Giannis won't talk about his next contract?

The Milwaukee Bucks were fined $50,000 for openly discussing offering Giannis a 'supermax' contract extension when he's eligible for it, even though the move is fairly obvious at this point. Even so, Giannis told reporters on the Bucks' media day that any contract talk would be disrespectful to his teammates in Milwaukee.

ESPN's Jalen Rose asserts that Giannis refusing to talk contract publicly is a bad sign for the Milwaukee Bucks, as the reigning MVP is sure to be wooed by every corner of the NBA.

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