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Colin Cowherd Drops His NFL Week 4 'Upset of the Week' Betting Pick

Photo: Christian Petersen

“UPSET OF THE WEEK, I’m going to take the Patriots +9.5. If Mac Jones plays the Patriots win. If Brian Hoyer plays they cover the spread. First of all, this is a ridiculously big spread for two running teams. Name the number one receiver in this game if Jakobi Meyers doesn’t play, there isn’t a number one, and I’m not even sure there’s a number two in this game either; these are running teams. The Packers offense has 5 giveaways through the first three games, and Aaron Rodgers is only averaging 228 yards passing, that’s a career-low. The Packers don’t score off-script in the second half at all, only one touchdown. I think it’s a very close low-scoring game and if Mac Jones plays I think you’re looking at a game that goes down to the last minute. 9.5 points?? This isn’t college. The number one ranked corner in the NFL plays for the Patriots, their secondary is really good, and their pass rush is decent. I’m going to take the shocker of the weekend, Patriots 24-23."

UPDATE: Patriots Have Ruled Out QB Mac Jones From Week 4 (Ankle).

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he's picking the New England Patriots to cover (+9.5) at Lambeau vs. the Green Bay Packers as Colin believes the Patriots will outright win the game if Mac Jones plays, and cover the -9.5 spread if Brian Hoyer is the starter.

Colin is not a big believer in the Packers despite their 14-12 victory in Tampa Bay last week, as Colin didn't rank the Packers in the top 10 of his 'Herd Hierarchy' Week 4 NFL Rankings this week.

Check out the audio above as well as Colin's Week 4 Blazin' 5 here.

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