WIAA approves alternate fall sports schedule for the spring

On Friday, the WIAA Board of Control approved a number of measures, including a 15-item list of WIAA-recommended COVID accommodations for this year, as well as an alternate fall season plan for schools that can't participate in fall sports in the next few months due to coronavirus restrictions.

A unanimous measure provided a modified winter-alternate fall-spring plan that has the winter and spring sports seasons shortened by a couple of weeks each, and also moves around their tournament dates, referred to as culminating events. Also, schools have until September 1 to declare whether they will play their fall sports this fall, or take the alternate schedule in the spring.

For schools that compete in the spring with their fall sports, there will be some overlap with spring sports; however, the WIAA has no rules against multiple-sport participation by student athletes, as that is left up to each school district.

In the case of football, schools competing this fall will play seven regular-season weeks with two culminating event weeks, while the schools playing in the spring will play seven regular-season games with no postseason.

The full WIAA release will be available later Friday.

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