One Baseball Card per Month: 1985 Topps Kirby Puckett rookie

So in case you didn't know I got pretty nerdy with baseball cards in 2018. I bought a bunch of boxes and spent way too much money. This year I've decided to purchase one PSA card per month as a new way of getting cards. I have a $25 budget (and maybe if I spend less in a month I may purchase 2 cards!) I went with a Kirby Puckett rookie graded PSA 8 for January for $10. 

Puckett was a hero of mine growing up in Minnesota and I ALWAYS wanted this 1985 Topps card when I was kid. He has a Donruss and a Fleer rookie too, but this Topps one is so much cooler to me. A PSA 10 usually goes for around $200.

What do you think? Who should I go after next? I have a list that's always changing!