One Baseball Card per Month: 2001 Upper Deck Tiger Woods rookie

So in case you didn't know I got pretty nerdy with baseball cards in 2018. I bought a bunch of boxes and spent way too much money. This year I've decided to purchase one PSA card per month as a new way of getting cards. I have a $25 budget (and maybe if I spend less in a month I may purchase 2 cards!)

This month I went with a Tiger Woods PSA 9 rookie from Upper Deck. It's amazing how much the price drops from a PSA 10 to a PSA 9 sometimes. I picked this up for $9.99 including shipping. What else can I say about Tiger? I got it because he's the best golfer of all time, and it's a rookie.

What should card should I be searching for next? (Also I only spent $20 in January and $10 this month. The way I see it that means I have an extra $20 out of my budget to spend somewhere else down the road)