One Baseball Card per Month: 1989 Fleer Bill Ripken FF error card

So in case you didn't know I got pretty nerdy with baseball cards in 2018. I bought a bunch of boxes and spent way too much money. This year I've decided to purchase one PSA card per month as a new way of getting cards. I have a $25 budget (and maybe if I spend less in a month I may purchase 2 cards!)

For the month of March I decided to go with the card that was the talk of the hobby in 1989! The Bill Ripken FF error card. I had to use some leftover money I didn't spend in January and February and spent $37 total including shipping for a PSA 8 version . There are variations of the card where Fleer tried to block out the "FF Error" (I'm sure you can spot it by the way) but the one I wanted was the unedited version.

I may have already purchased by card for the month of April already. You'll have to wait until next month though when I unveil it.