Mike Lucas: Bradrick Shaw eager to make greater impact

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bsn lucasChecking out the overcast skies and commenting on the cooler temperatures ("Won't be as many mosquitoes") after Tuesday's practice, Bradrick Shaw had only one game plan in mind now.

"We fished yesterday," he said, "and we're definitely fishing again today."

The "we" was for fishing partner Christian Bell, an outside linebacker and fellow Alabama native.

"Fishing is a good hobby for me," said Shaw, a sophomore tailback from Birmingham, Ala. "I started fishing when I was around 10. My dad used to go all the time and I'd go with him."

Shaw was born in Mississippi and lived for a short time in Livingston, Ala., some 57 miles from Tuscaloosa.

"It's in the country part of Alabama," he said. "That's where I started doing country stuff."

Like fishing. After moving to Birmingham when he was in grade school, Shaw still managed to get back to Livingston to fish some of his favorite spots. In Madison, he'll drop a line in Lake Wingra.

"We fish off the dam," he said, speaking for Bell. "We're thinking about getting a small canoe and going out on the lake. I catch a lot of blue gills. But I really fish for bass, small mouth bass."

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