Dr. J's House Call: Baker Mayfield Thankfully Walks Back Apology

Baker Mayfield

After the big OU-OSU game in which Oklahoma won at The Horseshoe, Sooners QB Baker Mayfield planted a flag at midfield in a showing of passion and excitement. Before you get all high-and-mighty Vogel on us, first remember that anyone who has ever asked a college fan why they think it's better than the NFL will 90% of the time hear the words 'passion' and 'excitement'.

Originally Mayfield apologized publicly after the fact in a move that was almost assuredly from the top brass at Sooner nation. Luckily for us though he was on Rich Eisen Tuesday and decided to not only walk that back, but then basically call a bunch of people softies. 

Enjoy the Dr. J House Call below which includes the subsequent argument.

Photo: Getty Images

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