Dr. J Hot Take: Molina and Lovullo are BOTH Buffoons


In case you didn't see it, over thew weekend Yadier Molina and Diamondbacks Manager Torey Lovullo got into an altercation over the weekend and both came away looking like weenies.

Take a look below before I (Dr. J) get a little more in depth.

Now look, I'll be honest here I hate the Cardinals so I'm not exactly coming from a place of reason but whatever. Deal with it folks. 

So a couple things I'm noticing about this 'altercation'. 

1. Arizona manager Torey Lovullo, when chatting with the umpire clearly points in Molina's direction (Six seconds into the video above) and anybody under the sun can assume he's telling him about all the pitch framing Molina's getting away with.

2. Yadier clearly doesn't like this and enters a conversation he is simultaneously not involved with and totally the focus of.

3. My guess is that he gently entered the discussion with something like 'Why don't you shut the bleep up and go back to your dugout of losing losers'.

4. Then reportedly (by Molina) Lovullo calls him a 'mother bleeper' upwards of twice. However the way Yadier tells the story it seems like Lovullo walked up to the plate, said 'hello' and 'good day' to the umpire and then immediately turned to Molina and called him a mother bleeper completely unprovoked while simulateously calling his mother every name imaginable. This obviously meant that Molina was well within his right to lose his mind and try to physically fight an opposing teams manager.

Hmmmm. So far so good from everyone I guess?

Well then the 'fight' breaks out and if you stop the video above at the :12 time stamp you will see what really bothers me about this whole stupid 'brawl'.

Lovullo throws his hands in the air like he's completely shocked that after allegedly calling something a 'mother bleeper', they may want to fight him. Weird how that works. Like hey... big boy, if you're going to call someone a 'mother bleeper' when they're standing 3 feet away, you aren't allowed to then back off like a... err... weenie (that wont get me fired!).

After the game Yadier Molina was asked in the locker room about Lovullo and had this to say:

"He called me a mother (bleeper) twice, and you can't allow that, I hope the MLB sees this and hope they can fine this guy, because you can't allow that."

Ah yes... I forgot that Yadier Molina was the high priest of all things righteous and pure in the holy world of baseball. Nothing that may have broken a rule has EVER happened involving Yadier.

Oh yeah... a 'mystery'. The guy gets an 80 mph curve-ball in the dirt that TOUCHES his chest protector (again, maybe at this point the ground slowed it down to 79.2 mph) and it STOPS like one of those velcro pads that everyone my age played with as a kid. Nothing to see here folks... move along... absolutely nothing sketchy about that.

For the record after the game he thought it was 'crazy' that anyone would ask him if he put something on this chest protector. As if the very notion that putting a sticky substance to limit the distance a bounced ball in the dirt would roll away is somehow inconceivable.

Admit it, you thought I was going to go with the 'inconceivable' gif from The Princess Bride did you you?

Anyways... I'm really glad we got to see two amazing things in this 'fight'. First and foremost we saw a grown man call something a 'mother bleeper' (allegedly) and then back away from a confrontation over the use of said 'mother bleeper' line. Great job good effort there Torey Lovullo.

Then we got to see the moral arbiter of truth and justice himself Yadier Molina tell us that language like that can't happen on a baseball field and it's MLB's sworn duty to fine Lovullo money. That'll make everything right!

The only thing these guys proved with their fake acts of bravado is that there is nothing lamer than a 'brawl' in baseball.

Thanks weenies.

Photo: Getty Images

Gifs: Giphy

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