Dinner or Supper? Let's end the debate now!

Thursday on Lucas In The Morning the guys discussed the slumping Brewers, dominating Warriors and much more. But one segment in particular got derailed almost immediately and devolved into an argument over gas-station breakfast items and the difference between dinner and supper.

Now I (Dr. J) grew up in a family where dinner was called 'dinner' because I was a normal person who grew up normally. I don't get why this is even a debate. But apparently some people call dinner 'supper'... and also apparently some people call lunch 'dinner' and lunch 'supper'. Or is 'supper' a weird 4th meal. 

AHHHH I DON'T GET IT ANYMORE!!!! Anyways take a listen, decide for yourself.

*Editor's note*

The opinions above about supper vs. dinner are that of Dr. J and Dr. J alone... although seeing as how Dr. J is also the 'editor' of this piece thus the editor is me... he is correct.


*End of editor's note*

Dinner or Supper?

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