Video Alert: Gary Sanchez Lack Of Hustle Costs Yankees Game

On Lucas In the Morning, Mike Lucas referenced the video of Gary Sanchez not quite 'Usain Bolt-ing' it up during last night's game against the Rays. Here is the hilarious video to back it up!

It all starts in the first inning when, with a runner at second, Sanchez seems to slow-jog it to retrieve a past ball... Things don't end well.

Then... when the Yankees are down one (remember a run scored BECAUSE OF Sanchez being lazy) with the bases loaded and two outs, guess who comes up to the plate.

Stick around to the 1:07 mark of the video for the camera angle that follows Sanchez in his ill-fated run out of the box.

Woof... maybe there's really only one great way to sum this up.

Photo: Getty Images

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