Ethan Happ's changed demeanor paying dividends

Jeff Potrykus joined Mike Lucas and Robb Vogel on Lucas In The Morning to discuss the Badgers 56-51 win over the Gophers Wednesday night. Ethan Happ (among others) played well and in a surprising move Happ was scene to have been blowing kisses and waving goodbye to a select group of the Gophers' student section.

It was a pretty rare moment of outward expression from Happ who has tended to keep things on the inside more often then not during his career in Madison. Jeff Potrykus joined the guys from LITM and they agreed that this season he seems to be handling the pressure of being 'the guy' in a better way and because his demeanor is a lot lighter, it also has led to better play.

Listen to the interview below with Jeff Potrykus for more!

Photo: Getty Images

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