Lucas At Large: MBB: Indiana 75, Wisconsin 73 (Double Overtime)

Mike Lucas offers his thoughts on Wisconsin's double-overtime loss to Indiana, 75-73, on Tuesday night, and looks for positives despite the end result.

"Exhausting if not exhilarating. A marathon double/OT loss can overshadow a lot of things. Like Iverson’s 3rd str gm in double figures (kept UW alive 1stH). Like rallying from 13pt deficit. Like Trice’s clutch 3 (pointer) & 3 (Fts) to keep playing. Like another Happ double-double."

"Left points on line. Left points at rim. Left frustrated by endless monitor reviews esp flagrant 1 call on Happ. Either it is. Or it isn’t. If you don’t see anything after 60 secs of replay angles what exactly are you looking for? Make call. Move on. Process needs to be on clock"

"IU-UW postscript. Down 47-34 (12:40 reg), Badgers got jump-start from this combo: Ford, King, Thomas, Pritzl, Davison. Rallied to take lead. Despite starting backcourt struggling (3-of-21) vs extended pressure (similar to MSU loss) had chance to escape with W. Done in by OT FTs"

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