Joe Thomas with a level headed thought on the Packers recent drama

Photo: Getty Images

The guys from Lucas in the Morning talked with former Badger Joe Thomas on his role with this years Crazy Legs Classic (click on the link and register for this years race!) and thoughts on the world of sports. His thoughts on the Bleacher Report article were insightful when he said "In the NFL, there's a lot of egos...and oftentimes people butt heads...but in the end you come to the best decision and move on and it could easily be misrepresented by people who don't understand the working relationships between coaches and players."

Some of the topics Thomas talked about with Mike Lucas, Robb Vogel and Jon Arias:

  • When was the last time he ran?
  • Is he starting a garden?
  • Being in the CFB HOF
  • His role with Crazy Legs this year
  • Thoughts on Tiger
  • Thoughts on Bleacher Report article on the Packers (9:03)

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