The 2020-2021 Badgers Faced Enormous Expectations

Photo Credit: Getty Images

As the Badgers 2020-2021 season ended with a loss to number one seed Baylor in the second round of the NCAA tournament, a lot of discussion followed about this team and how successful they were, or weren't (depending on who you ask). Is it a hard team to judge success? For many, they felt the disappointment of a team that was the returning Big Ten champion and a top ten national ranking, that ended up with, in their eyes, only tepid results. However, this was probably a case of a team losing to much more talented one, and in the end dealing with expectations that were just too lofty. John Kuhn and Brian Butch discussed this on today's show. Click below to listen and watch a snippet of the discussion, and further below to listen to the entire discussion about the performance of Greg Gard and the team.