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Three Options For the NFL After Controversial Deshaun Watson Decision

Colin Cowherd: “What is your guess on what the league does?”

Albert Breer: “The NFL has three ways they can go here as I see it, and I honestly think they’ve set themselves up for the first option, which is probably the cleanest option, which is pin this decision on Sue Robinson and leave it alone. Say ‘we really respect the job Sue Robinson did, we don’t agree with the ruling, we already made our feeling clear that he should be suspended for the entire year, but we’re going to respect the process that we negotiated two years ago and walk away’… That’s probably the cleanest conclusion. They could add two, four, or six games to it – Maybe Watson doesn’t fight at them – but the problem with that is then it becomes the NFL’s decision and not Sue Robinson’s decision, and in the public’s sphere is that going to be enough when you come short of a yea? The third option is the nuclear option, in which you suspend him for the whole year and that means you’re probably going to court. It also means that Deshaun Watson could end up being on the field for the opener because the first move the Union would make if they went to a year is to file a lawsuit and then file a temporary restraining order to stay the suspension. Which theoretically could put Deshaun Watson on the field in Week 1 against the Panthers. We saw what happened with Brady a few years ago where Brady was on the field for an entire season while his suspension was being sorted out in court. I do think the NFL has set itself up where they could walk away and say we have to respect Sue Robinson’s decision.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch NFL insider Albert Breer join The Herd with Colin Cowherd to discuss the three options he believes the NFL has going forward after the controversial decision by former US District Court judge Sue Robinson to only suspended Deshaun Watson for six games this season.

Check out the segment above as Breer states which option he thinks the NFL has set itself up for.

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