NFL Teams We All Need to Admit We Were Wrong About

NFL Teams We Need to Admit We Were Wrong About

Listen to Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss the NFL teams that badly bamboozled us into thinking they were going to turn corners in 2020, but instead fell by the wayside as some of the most embarrassing underachievers of the season.

One such example is the Dallas Cowboys, who many in the media actually thought were going to stay competitive without the derided Dak Prescott at quarterback. Former Pro Bowler, and somewhat respected ex-Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton was believed to be a slight downgrade from Dak, and a guy who might actually invigorate the previously dormant Dallas running game.

After a miraculous Cowboys victory over the Giants, with Dalton as the game’s hero no less, the rest of the season sunk to laughably low levels, for a team now sitting at 3-8, and perhaps the biggest joke in the league.

Check out the audio above as Jason and Mike expand on the other failures that made us all look silly, and are bold predictions of them look ludicrous.

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