Brewers All-Star talk and Manny Machado rumors

Cleveland Indians v Baltimore Orioles

Cleveland Indians v Baltimore Orioles

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JSOnline's Tom Haudricourt joined The Mike Show to talk All-Star talk with the Brewers and Manny Machado rumors.

Haudricourt recently penned a story about Machado. You can read it here. 

From that story: " It tells us how serious the team is about going for the playoffs, and not just the playoffs but a deep run into the postseason. We sort of knew this when they acquired outfielders Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich on the same day in late January, but this is more confirmation that the sights have been set quite high at Miller Park Way. When you pursue the best hitter on the market, you are truly in "go for it" mode. "

Listen to Tom's appearance on the show below!

Brewers All-Star talk and Machado rumors!