Final Four: Bo Ryan discusses what he misses most about coaching

Former Wisconsin Badgers coach Bo Ryan joined Mike Heller and Bob Brainerd at the Final Four in Minneapolis, discussing topics such as the one-and-done, what he misses about coaching, and the state of college basketball in Wisconsin.

On the one-and-done, Ryan believes that because it's an NBA rule, it should go away. If a player has the talent, he argues, they should be able to play in the pros right away.

Ryan says that he misses the teaching element of coaching basketball, telling our guys that he could lock a team in a gym and coach until he's 90. It's recruiting, transfers, and the other 'stuff' that goes with Division 1 basketball that would be the challenge.

In regards to college basketball in Wisconsin, Ryan recalls his time at UW-Platteville, where he won multiple national championships, and discusses how the strong tradition of basketball has continued long after he left the WIAC.