It's not time to worry about Josh Hader

Josh Hader's given up a few more home runs in 2019, which has alarmed some fans, but it could be a case of hitters finally getting used to Hader and adjusting to his pitches.

Tom Haudricourt of the Journal-Sentinel says that hitters have likely eliminated the slider from their minds when facing Hader, and now that the Brewers All-Star reliever has pitched nearly 140 innings over the last season and a half, opponents have had plenty of time to prepare for his fastball and their approach to facing Hader late in games.

Haudricourt also tells Mike Heller that pitching Hader in three straight games is nothing to be concerned about, and it's not time to panic about Hader's effectiveness.

Photo: Getty Images

St Louis Cardinals  v Milwaukee Brewers

St Louis Cardinals v Milwaukee Brewers