The Voice Of The Buckeyes Paul Keels Previews The Big Ten Championship

Wisconsin will take on top-ranked Ohio State for the Big Ten Championship on Saturday Night. Paul Keels, the voice of the Ohio State Buckeyes, joined Heller and Dolphin earlier this morning to look ahead to Saturday's game from a Buckeyes perspective. They asked Paul what the challenges are of playing a team for the second time in a season and whether that is an advantage or a disadvantage. They also asked him what he thinks the best position group is on this Ohio State team and what's impressed him most about Ryan Day in his first year as head coach. Finally, they asked Paul what the recipe is for Wisconsin to have a chance heading into the fourth quarter and whether or Buckeyes quarterback Justin Fields' mobility will be limited at all with the knee brace he'll be wearing. Take a listen and don't forget to tune in to Heller and Dolphin from 8am-11!