John Kuhn says Rodgers conference call won't be talked about on Monday.

Yesterday it was announced that Aaron Rodgers would break his silence and have a conference call for the first time since the Green Bay Packers drafted Jordan Love and followed that pick with no wide receivers. Since the 2020 NFL Draft, Packers fans and the media have done nothing but come up with scenarios and theories on what Aaron Rodgers next move will be and how his relationship with Green Bay has changed. Aaron Rodgers is having the conference call be on Friday which makes sense if he and the Packers are hoping it will not allow for the media to react as strongly, John Kuhn and Brian Butch took that idea a step further in a discussion on 5 Wide today. They said that the comments from Rodgers will be so bland that sports media won't even be discussing the story come Monday. Josh disagreed strongly, but listen for yourself below.

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