Josh bought the new corn on the cob Pringles and the results are in

If you listened to today's Steve Czaban Show then you heard the "What's Trending" segment brought to you by Best Electric. On today's segment Josh reported that there was a new flavor of Pringles called sweet corn which is supposed to taste just like corn on the cob. It was announced that this limited time only flavor of Pringles is only available at Walgreens stores as part of an exclusive deal. So, Josh went out to the closest Walgreens and bought one. After trying them he confirmed that they indeed taste like corn on the cob. It is a weird sensation especially with the texture of the chip. That being said if you have explored the chips that taste like other foods in the past then this is a walk in the park. Josh gives it a thumbs up, so go ahead and give them a try for yourself!

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