UW Athletics department holds emergency meeting regarding COVID-19

On his statewide radio show Tuesday night, Barry Alvarez shared that UW Athletics senior staff would be holding an emergency meeting in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Alvarez told the Badger Sports Network's Brian Posick that he had received an email during the radio show calling for the meeting among senior staff to be held at the Kohl Center following his radio program. Alvarez said that it could potentially involve closing the campus down, and that difficult decisions would need to be made.

Several governments, college campuses, athletics programs, and high school sports associations have already taken measures, ranging from cancelling tournaments or events to limiting spectators at game sites. Specifically with colleges, some universities have closed their campuses for the remainder of the semester, and in some cases, cancelled all on-campus activities, including athletics.

Dane County has two confirmed cases of COVID-19 as of Tuesday afternoon.

As of 10:40 p.m. Tuesday night, nothing had been officially announced by the University.

The discussion begins at the 29:57 mark of the podcast on the Badger Sports Network:

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